Welcome to Palatine Gymnastics

The Palatine Park District Gymnastics Program offers gymnastics instruction for boys and girls from preschool through high school. The primary goal of the Palatine Park District Gymnastics Program is to provide high-quality gymnastics instruction to as many young people as possible, on the most individual basis possible. The secondary goal of our club is to prepare gymnasts to compete in USAG level meets and on their high school gymnastics team. The Palatine Park District Gymnastics Program is divided into two basic programs: Recreational and Competitive.

Recreational: This program is recreational and comprises approximately 94% of our total membership. The recreational program has beginner classes through prep squad. After the preschool level the boys' program and the girls' program are separate. There are numerous subdivisions within each category based upon age and ability level. Our recreational program provides our team with a strong foundation.

Competitive: Our competitive program (Palatine Gymnastics Club) participates in meets that are sanctioned by the United States Gymnastics (USAG) Junior Olympic Program. Gymnastics is very demanding (both physically and mentally). Success in meeting these demands makes gymnastics participation one of the most rewarding experiences possible for a young person; however, because of these demands few gymnasts make it all the way to the top. Therefore, in keeping with the spirit that the club was founded on, we groom and prepare gymnasts to be successful on their high school teams as well as our USAG teams. Palatine and Fremd High Schools have very successful high school gymnastics teams in part due to the success of our Palatine Gymnastics Club.

The USAG provides a training system with progressively advanced levels of competition: Level 1 (Beginner) through Level 10 (Advanced) to the Elite Level, with competition beginning at Level 4. All team members must be registered with USAG before they can enter a sanctioned meet.We have six competitive team levels (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9). Our level requirements are more stringent than those required by USAG. This prepares the gymnast so that she may experience success at the next level, while maintaining the quality of our program.

Our Facility Includes:
  • Trampoline and trampettes

  • 2 sets of rings

  • Climbing rope

  • Horizontal bar

  • Portable tumble track

  • Outside foam pit

  • Foam vaulting table

  • Vaulting boxes and vaulting bucks

  • Spring boards

  • Low and high beams and benches

  • Parallel bars and parallettes

  • Wall bars

  • Asymmetric bars and steel bar

  • Wall mounted rings and floor rings

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Pommel horses

  • Mushrooms and bucket